How to write an essay

Essay is a little content that express the exclusively underscored perspective of the writer. It is mandatory to be able to express your thoughts not only aloud, but also to have an ability to express them on paper. Moreover, this is not so easy for every person.

In the modern system of higher education, there is such a form of written work as writing an essay. Often both students and teachers think that it is the same as an article. But there are undoubted contrasts between them. The article will disclose to you how to compose an essay, fundamental guidelines and prerequisites that apply to it.


First step.

Consider the content.

Before you begin composing an essay, think about its structure and substance. The most effortless approach to do this is by getting some information about the topic you expound on. Definition of answers related to them will help in composing of the main part. Endeavor to quickly decide the style of your future narrative.

Second step.

Write an essay.

In the first paragraph, formulate the basic idea of your future narrative. Try to attract the attention of your reader, Try to capture his attention. Second, third, and fourth paragraphs are the main part. Give arguments to prove your main idea. If appropriate, give examples from your life. Do not be afraid to enter specific data about your life, about yourself, your family. The main thing is that it should be appropriate. In the final paragraph, make your main idea even stronger. Associate it with the introduction and the main part.

Step three.

Please check.

Check the structure. Is there a logical connection between the paragraphs? Check out if the essay is written in the same style. Remove unnecessary information, the stories should be short and concise. Do not be afraid to rewrite the essay again and again.

Tips and Warnings:

Avoid false emotions and superfluous words.

Find a sincere tone. It should be not very formal, but not very conversational.

Add a note of optimism in your essay.

Good luck with your essay and exams.