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The dissertation is an indispensable progress in the scientific profession, in light of fruitful making out of it the academic degree of a competitor or specialist of sciences is relegated.

Before writing a thesis, s students should contemplate the prerequisites for the work (innovation of the subject, scientific novelty, and practical significance), publish several articles on the topic of the dissertation, and also pass the candidate’s exams before defense. At the heart of any dissertation is one or several problems. You often encounter various difficulties in your practice, both methodically and scientifically. If you are sure that you know the ways to solve painful problems, start writing a scientific work. But first, find out in the Help Desk of your institution whether there are similar jobs. If you know your predecessors, you can take into account the mistakes they make and improve their approach.

After reading the papers on similar topics, proceed to a larger collection of information. Use all sources available to you (from the university library to the modern electronic scientific forums). Properly combining traditions and innovations, you will get people attention of both senior and younger generations.

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Schedule if the practical or theoretical part of your work will be more significant to you.

Naturally, both aspects must be studied and described at a high level. But if you are a practicing teacher who has developed his own methodology, then it will be much more important for the professors to learn about your professional achievements. Therefore, at the period of defending dissertations the opponents will attack the very practical part.

While writing a dissertation on pedagogy, you constantly conduct a trial debate your associates. This will help you to distinguish the shortcomings of your work and make rectifications at an early stage.

At the period of summarizing your research, you do not have to overestimate results. Too high statistical indicators are alarming the commission. Follow the strict rules of writing that are approved by your leadership.

Avoid expressive vocabulary and linguistic conversions that are not inherent in scientific style.

Good fortunes with your dissertation and future degree.