6 things that should be changed at diploma

I guess lots of students meet such situation when you learn so much about your diplomas topic but every time you think you done while your master thinks you are not. And send you back, again and again, to reread, to rewrite, rewatch and 100 other reasons. Let’s try to look for quite common mistakes.

Mistake 1.  

Poor level of independent understanding of the problem. You have done a great job of collecting theoretical material, and maybe even collected everything that was made before on this topic. The contribution of those persons to the topic of the problem is understandable. And what about you?

Mistake 2. No conclusions.

All chapters of research should be summarised. It is not enough to make out the topic understandable for a child and to write the text with your own ideas. At the end of each paragraph, you need to conclude your thoughts.

Mistake 3. No or few links.  

The theoretical part is for that and theoretical, in order to study the materials of the topic and collect the opinions of people that make that before you start. The number of links per page is 4. Of course, this is not an absolute rule, but 1 – 3 links to the paper must be included.

Mistake 4. Lack of connectivity with a practical part of your job

Theory musn’t be just a theory. Try to make logical chain of theory rules and how that can use/help in real life

Mistake 5. Small or huge points, imbalance of parts.

This is another reason why the master of studies may require remaking of a theoretical chapter. It is interesting that an overly large volume of the theory among graduates is, perhaps, more likely than too small.  

Someone allows the difference of parts according to the fact that laziness stops you find the main theme of the thesis, and someone – because of a high level of enthusiasm

Mistake 6. Unscientific style, illiteracy.

Usually, at the time of writing a diploma, a student at least gets a hand on the course books and abstracts, mastering the art of expressing scientifically respectable – copying the style of monographs and scientific articles. But if science is not the hobby of a student, and even a language instinct is not available, confusion in the text of the thesis can reach the level of facepalm. Especially in those places where the student makes personal conclusions. What to do? Seek help from a person who has a scientific style

Can you find at least 1 mistake on your diploma? Change that immediately