Temple's Teppanyaki TruckTruck food is alive and well on Temple’s North Philly campus. During a recent visit, I had the opportunity to sample some of the best from area food trucks: Japanese Teppanyaki and coffee. Yeah, I know it’s a weird combination, but let me elaborate…

After checking out Temple’s facilities for an upcoming event, my guide and I found ourselves in the midst of lunchtime. I told Paul from The CaffiNation Podcast to be ready with a suggestion for the best truck food on campus, so we headed directly to the Japanese food truck located at the intersection of N.12th and W. Berks Streets.

Ordering Lunch at Temple's Teppanyaki TruckWalking up N.12th Street on Temple’s campus, there’s a number of unremarkable looking food trucks and the “Japanese and Korean” truck is no different. Painted white over blue and surrounded by drink coolers, our mobile café had no sign and only displayed its menu taped in the window. I was encouraged upon our arrival: there were a number of people already waiting for their meals (a good sign when it comes to truck food). I took Paul’s lead in ordering the Beef Teppanyaki with noodles, but added an order of Vegetarian Dumplings, both of which set me back a whopping $8 (incl. beverage). Waiting for our food, we watched as the trio of cooks smoothly produced meals for the continual steam of students. After a short wait, it was our turn to take our brown bags away to find a suitable dining spot.

Paul from the CaffiNation PodcastThe Beef Teppanyaki was delicious and included a thick, spaghetti-like noodle, broccoli, onions, sesame seeds and a side of homemade chili sauce. The beef was tender, yet flavorful and not overly greasy. Furthermore, the noodles made the dish much more substantial and enjoyable. While the Vegetable Dumplings were good, they weren’t anything fantastic. Regardless, I definitely recommend this spot if you’re in the neighborhood.

“So, what about the coffee?” you ask. Well, as we were finishing up our meal, Paul mentioned that his local caffeine “pusher” roasts its own coffee beans daily. Considering that The Pretzel Hut is almost within spitting distance of a Starbucks, I had to check it out. Located just outside the Paley Library at N. 11th and W. Berks Streets, The Pretzel Hut is a small kiosk that brews a fresh pot every fifteen minutes and serves a fine cup of coffee. While it doesn’t hurt that it’s inexpensive, I’d be willing to spend a little more if they offered an environmentally friendlier coffee cup, but that’s just me. So if you want a really good cup of coffee and rail against world-wide coffee domination, stop by The Pretzel Hut to “stick it to the man.”

The “Japanese and Korean” Food Truck is located at the
intersection of N.12th and W. Berks Streets

Pretzel Hut is located outside the Paley Library at the
intersection of N. 11th St. and W. Berks Street.

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8 Comments on Truck Food at Temple: Teppanyaki & Coffee

  1. e says:

    I don’t know whether to be happy that you reviewed my favorite lunch trunk, or upset that your review will surely bring more students and staff to make the line even longer! I don’t know if you remember, but at the first food blogger potluck at Marisa’s we talked about a lunch truck tour of Philly and I told you that this truck was my favorite spot on Temple’s campus. I eat here three days a week, number 3 with rice. So good.

  2. Bill says:


    Thanks for reaffirming my opinion. CaffiNation Paul was the driver in selecting this spot, but I’m glad he did. It was delicious and inexpensive…

  3. Anthony says:

    Number 3 for me twice a week. Their miso soup is good too. For a big campus with alot of food trucks, Temple’s mobilized eats aren’t that great. Next time you are up there, check out the crepe truck at 13th and Norris, best deal on campus and their crepes are awesome

  4. Bryan Irrera says:

    It’s been over four months since you’ve been back with either a podcast or a post…what’s the hold-up?

    I just discovered you about a month ago and finished all the podcasts this morning. I’m hoping you’ll return soon, so I can find some new fun places to eat.

    My friends and I eat out roughly once a month, trying a new place every time. There are usually 7-8 of us per restaurant outing. We each choose a restaurant, place our picks in a hat and randomly choose one. Then we keep going once a month until we empty the hat. It’s so much better to try new places with that many people, since you tend to have more plates/variety to sample from.

    I’d be happy to make some recommendations to you of some of our favorite places (also, would you be willing to expand the series to the greater Philly area and do some reviews in NJ?).

  5. [...] Temple University Main Campus, is the Japanese & Korean Lunch Truck that was featured in this episode of Philly Food Guys. Teppanyaki is some good food let me tell you. I work on a college campus so the lunch truck thing [...]

  6. Bryan Irrera says:

    C’mon, guys! Come on back!

    If it’s a matter of economy, I’m sure you could focus on great CHEAP places to eat in Philly for a little while, too, and no one would complain!

  7. phillygrrl says:

    Temple has a lot more great food trucks. Definitely check out their other offerings as well.


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